Class Description


(Pre-registration is required to take any classes. All students pay a flat registration fee to take up to 6 classes. Class fees are the instructor’s charges for materials and teaching.)

2016 Fiber “U” Classes

(Pre-Registration Required for ALL classes postmarked by June 30, 2016.)

After July 1st, please contact or

309-838-8825 for class reservation and total amount due.



Beginning Spinning (Beginner)

If you have always wanted to learn to spin, here is your chance.  If you have a wheel bring it.  If not, we will have some for rent for $10 (Please indicate on your registration form if you need a wheel rental).  We will go over the parts of the wheel and what they do, the maintenance required and how to do it. Then we will learn to spin and time permitting we will ply the yarn you have spun.

Instructor: Judy Crouch
Class size limit: 8
Fee: $50 or $60 w/ wheel rental
Time: Sat 8 – 12pm (MR)  OR  Sun 8 – 12pm (MR)

F16 Beg spinsm

Core Spinning (Adv. Beginner)

Learn the basics of core spinning a yarn that is not quite a single and not quite a plied yarn. Sometimes known as either an art yarn or a textured yarn, a core spun yarn is a fun and unique way to create a hand spun yarn suitable for knitting, crochet or weaving projects.  Students should bring their spinning wheels and at least one empty bobbin.  A niddy noddy would be useful but not required.  All fiber needed for the class as well as the commercial yarn for the core are included.

Instructor:  Teri Plemel
Class size limit: 12
Fee: $15
Time: Sat 1 – 4pm (MC)

F16 corespun

Blending Fiber For Color (Adv. Beginner)

In this class students will learn how to use hand cards to blend fiber.  Using wool, we will blend a series of rolags gradually changing the color from white to black.  We will spin the rolags and end up with a set of 11 skeins.  We will also card a set of rolags from one color to another (example: from red to blue) the same was as the white to black series.  Students will end up with two sets of 11 skeins/rolags in graduated colors.   If you do not have a spinning wheel or drop spindle, you can create the rolags for felting or spinning at a later time.   Students should bring a working wheel (or drop spindle if your prefer), 3 bobbins, lazy kate, niddy noddy or ball winder, paper and pen.  All spinning fibers and handout will be provided.

Instructor:  Lorry McDonald
Class size limit: 15
Fee: $45
Time:  Sat 8 – 12pm (MC)


Get Your Twist On (Intermediate)

Are you looking for some simple techniques to make new and interesting yarns?  In this class you spin two different yarns- Flame Yarn and Crepe Yarn.  These two yarns are similar in that you will be plying two different weights of yarn together with varying hand positions.  The flame yarn (so called because of the wavering width of the yarn which looks a lot like a candle flame) involves one strand spin in “thick and thin” and one thin strand spun in the same directions with a spiral ply technique   The Crepe yarn involves one thick strand and two thin strands, one spun in each direction.  We will talk about how to spin different weight yarns and also discuss the combining of commercially spun yarns with your hand spun.  We’ll experiment with the effect of differing color hues and intensities of the plying yarns and the effect on the finished yarn.

Instructor:  Kandys Bleil
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $50
Time:  Sun 9 – 12pm (MC)

F16 Get Your Twist on

Tail Spinning Suri Alpaca (Intermediate)

This type of spinning requires using large orifice and sliding ring for flyer to allow the yarn to spin onto the  bobbin (hooks on flyer will grab the tails and prevent it from winding on)  We will use very nice quality long staple length, washed Suri alpaca locks in this class to make your tailspun yarn, that you will get to keep and take with you.  All materials supplied except the spinning wheel.  You must bring your spinning wheel with Bulky/Plying Flyer head.  All students will get enough fiber to make their own skein of tailspun suri alpaca yarn.  You are welcome to try other long locs as long as they are washed.

Instructor: Connie Blechle
Class size limit: 10
Fee $55
Time:  Sat 9 – 12pm (ML)

F16 tailspun

Advanced Spinning Techniques (Advanced)

You can spin, but can you….?  Make fine & thick yarns? Spin different types of fiber easily?  Spin firm yarns for detailed stitches? Spin soft yarns for warmth and comfort?  This class is tailored to the many questions I have received from spinners who just want a little more consistency in their spinning.  By learning some new techniques, you and your wheel can do this- and more!  Use the pulleys on your wheel, the tension adjustment, treadling, drafting and proper fiber preparation for different yarns.  (This class is all about spinning and no as much about other mathematical uses). All fiber will be provided to spin.

Instructor:  Zelma Cleaveland
Class size limit: 12
Fee: $35
Time: Sat 2 – 5pm (MR) FULL 4/11/16

 F16 Adv Spin


Beginning Lace Knitting (Adv. Beginner)
Learn the basics of lace knitting and create a lovely lace scarf at the same time.  Learn to work from charts and written instructions.  One skein of hand dyed Treasure Goddess sock yarn and two simple lace scarf patters plus instructional materials are provided.  Learn how easy it can be to knit lace scarves.  If you can knit and purl, you can knit lace.  From here you will be able to use your skills and move to lace shawls and more. 

Instructor:  Christine Long Derks
Class size limit:  12
Fee: $25
Time: Sat 10 – 12pm (10) OR Sun 1 – 3pm (10)

F16 Beg Lace Knit

Knit Fix Class (Adv. Beginner)  

Have you ever knit along and run into problems?  In this class we will look at knit and purl stitches and how to drop down and fix a stitch that is the wrong one.  What is a life line?  How do you add one to your knitting?   We will discuss and thread one.  We will also discuss and execute how to fog and tink.  For this class I am asking for a little homework.  Please knit up a 8 x 8 square in a light colored worsted yarn but don’t bind off.  Also, bring a crochet hook (about size F) to learn how to run a stitch back up.

Instructor: Jennifer Watkins
Class  size limit: 15
Fee: $5
Time:  Sat 10 – 12pm (A) OR Sun 10 – 12pm (B)

F16 Knit Fix

25 Knitting Things (Adv. Beginner) 

This class covers so many things you’re sure to find 25 you didn’t know!  We will cover Stitch Theory, knowing YOUR knitting and HOW you knit, needle/yarn choices, gauge, patterns, charts, and reading, adjusting or changing them all, matching cast-ons to projects, increases to decreases and finishing before you begin… Students will get an outline handout and fill it up during class with tips and little known tidbits.  If we make good progress, you can learn to knit backwards!  Bring a pencil and your latest project, as well as a pattern you hope to feel confident enough to work soon.   Also bring 50g of smooth, worsted weight, light colored yarn, appropriate needles to swatch (US 6, 7, and 8) and basic knitting notions.

Instructor:  Bex Oliger
Class size limit:  16
Fee: $30
Time:  Sat 2 – 5pm (B)

F16 25 Knit

 Steeking (Intermediate)

Cut your Knitting apart (on purpose!)Steeks are a great tool for working Fair Isle projects, in which you secure and then cut your knitting ot create a flat piece.  Learn the secrets of fearless steeking and make a mug rug to bring home.  Pre-knit samples will be provided for you to work on.  Please bring a pair of small, sharp scissors and an E, F or G Crochet hook.

Instructor:  Julie Lindsey
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $30
TIme: Sat 10-12pm (C )

F16 Steeking


Basket Weaving (Beginner)

Weave a tote with a wooden base and 3 rows of wine corks for the sides. If someone does not want to use wine corks, wooden pegs will be supplied.  This can make a great gift.  I have made several of these as memories from wedding receptions or vacations where people save  their corks for the basket.

Instructor:  Mary McCreery
Class size limit: 12
Fee $45
Time: Sat 1 – 5pm (8)  OR Sun 8 – 12pm (8)

F16 Basketweaving

Wagon Wheel Weaving (Beginner)

Learn to make rugs and placemats using techniques developed by pioneer women, who where masters are re-purposing everything.  The process is simple and the result is fantastic!  All materials provided-no need to get your own wagon wheel.

Instructor:  DeAnna Amos
Class size limit: 12
Fee $30
Time: Sat 9 – 12pm (6)



Pine Needle Basketry (Beginner)

Enjoy learning the basics of Pine Needle Basketry.  In this class we will make a small pine needle basket that the student can finish in class or continue to make bigger after class.  Students will receive a bundle of pine needles, needle and waxed thread, yarn or sinew to make a basket. Students will also learn ways to embellish their baskets with beads, fiber and/or yarn to make truly one-of-a-kind works of art.

Instructor:  Kay McCoy
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $25
Times: Sat 1 – 4pm (6) or Sun 9 – 12pm (6)

F16 Pine Needle

Peg Loom Weaving (Beginner)

Learn the basics of Peg Loom Weaving by make a small scarf.  Class will include making a warp loop, calculating work length and warping loom.  Learn weave structure with discussion, demonstration and practice.  Learn finishing techniques too.

Instructor:  Cindy McFarland
Class size limit: 12
Fee: $15
Times:  Sat 3 – 5pm (3)


Tri and Square Loom Weaving (Beginner)

Learn to weave with the continuous strand on a tri loom and a square loom.  We will use small looms in class but the technique is the same.  These small woven pieces can then be connected together to make any size item you want!  A fun way to use up small bits and pieces of yarn you just can’t throw away. Everything is provided.

Instructor:  Darlene Megli
Class size limit:  12
Fee: $40
Time: Sat 2 – 5pm (5)

F16 Tri loom

Scandinavian Loop Weaving (Beginner)

Take an adventure into the world of Scandinavian Loop Weaving- no loom required, no experience necessary and a very inexpensive and gratifying hobby.  You will be able to create beautiful thick and luscious rugs, place mats, chair pads, etc.  It is contagious and addictive.  Great for home, gifts & craft show sales.

Instructor:  Donna McFarland
Class size limit:  15
Fee:  $18
Time:  Sat 9 – 12pm (1) FULL 7/3/16


Card Weaving (Beginner) 

Basic card weaving we will be using 4 hole cards to weave belts, straps or bands.  Instruction will include preparation, threading and weaving.  All Supplies are furnished.

Instructor:  Rosie Dupuy
Class size limit: 8
Fee: $45
Time:  Sat 1 – 5pm (9) FULL  OR Sun 8 – 12pm (9) FULL 3/26/16

F16 Card Weaving

Basic Finger Weaving (Beginner) 

Students will learn the basic weave finger weaving technique by making a bookmark.  They will also get a booklet with instruction on how to make a larger piece, and a variety of finishing techniques.

Instructor:  Susan Ream Wilson
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $20
Time: Sat 10 – 12pm (9) OR Sun 1 – 3pm (9) FULL 6/28/16

F16 Fingerwoven

RH Rya Pillow (Intermediate) 

Students will learn to tie longwool locks on a warped rigid heddle loom to make a lovely 12 x 12 inch pillow.  This technique can be used to make rugs too!  Students should bring their looms warped with the yarn of their choice to make a 14″ wide by 28″ long woven cloth*, and at least two shuttles.  The instructor will provide all other materials.  Looms will be available to rent pre-warped with wool for an additional $20. Please indicate if you need a pre-warped loom when registering.  (* Be sure to include waste and take-up in your warp calculations.  Contact the instructor if you have questions: )

Instructor:  Patricia Reuther
Class size limit:  8
Fee: $40 or $60 w/pre-warped loom
Time:  Sat 1 – 5pm (ML) OR Sun 8 -12pm (ML)

F16 Rya1

Intermediate Peg Loom Weaving (Intermediate) 

Take the Peg Loom Weaving beyond beginner projects and open your doorway to design possibilities. Learn circle weaving by making a coaster.  Learn to weave some geometric designs by weaving a small sampler

Instructor:  Jonee Davis
Class size limit: 8
Fee: $15
Time: Sun 9 – 12pm (3)



Crochet & Felt a Roving Rug (Beginner)

Treat your feet!  Crochet a beautiful rug from alpaca/wool roving.  Take it home to felt in your washer or by hand.  Students will receive one pound of alpaca/wool roving, size N crochet hook, net bag for felting, complete written instructions and a bag to carry it all home in.

Instructor:  Ann Mayes
Class size limit: 15
Fee $40
Time: Sat 9 – 12pm (8) FULL 6/15/16


Lace Crochet (Adv. Beginner) 

Lace is not just for knitters- it can be done by knitting of course, but it can also be done by weaving and yes, by crocheting!  Join me in the adventure of crocheting lace.  We will look at the history of crocheting and how it started without the written word.  I will teach you how to read a diagram of a pattern.  You can either work on them as a sample for later or start a project to take home.  This class is for those that know basic crochet stitches.  Please bring a skein yarn that you are comfortable with and appropriate hook.  I recommend a lace, sock or heavier weight yarn.  This class includes handouts and patterns for you to take home.

Instructor:  Jonee Davis
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $30
Time:  Sat 9 – 12pm (B)

F16 Lace Crochet

Crochet a Rope Basket (Intermediate)  

What can you make with some rope and a little bit of yarn?  A beautiful one of a kind rope basket.  We are always looking for ways to provide attractive storage yet some of these options are very expensive.  Please join us for this class that can show you how to take these items and create a beautiful basket for storage.

Instructor:  Elyse Hargis
Class size limit: 12
Fee: $30
Time: Sat 1 – 5pm (11)

F16 Croc Bskt



Needle Felting Basics (Beginner)  

Learn about several different gauges of felting needles and how to use each one to get the effect your desire. Learn how to roll fiber to form it into different shapes using simple tools that will help you control the fiber and create life-like (or not) features for your felted creations.  You will receive three different felting needles, a felting surface, plenty of Icelandic sheep’s wool to felt with, and at least two felted creations.  We will be making a funny pumpkin head which will teach you to use core wool and top coat to add color and interest, as well as some basic shapes for making those facial features that will cause your creations to come to life.  We will also be making a sill gnome which will teach you how to make other core shapes, even more special features, and how to make those wobbly bottoms sit flat.

Instructor:  Brenda Courtney
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $45
Time:  Sat 8 – 12pm (2) FULL 5/20/16

F16 Needlefelt

Felt ‘n Doodle an Owl (Intermediate)  

This class combines flat and dimensional needle felting techniques.  Students will learn the purpose of the different types of felting needles and how to use them to create beautiful edges on raised felted pieces, fine detail embellishments and a polished look to the finished product.  Students will receive 3 types of felting needles, foam pad, pattern, fibers and fabric base.  Students will take home a finished project suitable for shadowbox framing, to use as a pillow top or as a wall-hanging (frame not included).

Instructor:  Stacy Heydt
Class size limit: 8
Fee: $50
Time: Sat 9 – 12pm (11 ) OR Sun 9 – 12pm (11)

F16 Felt n doodle

Advanced Felting Figurines (Intermediate)  

This class continues with last year’s needle felting Figurines and using ideas you have learned in my earlier felting classes. Construction of a body that has a torso with arms (?), and legs (?) (not always 2 of each), tails, horns, wings, etc. are also encouraged.  We will also work on ways to create clothing, more hair or wooly bits of fun accessories. Bring to class “An Imagination”, a felted head created hat home, and any “special” felted bits you might want to use and expand upon.

Instructor: Diana Armes Wallace
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $45
Time: Sun 8-12pm (2)




Shibori (Beginner)  

Shibori is a Japanese surface design technique where fabric is stitched or folded to resist the dye bath.  Each student will take home a sample book and a bandanna that they have dyed in class. Students should wear old clothes and/or a dye apron.  Rubber gloves, like those used for house cleaning, are desirable (Instructor will have a few pairs to share). 

Instructor:  Gina Levesque
Class size limit: 12
Fee: $35
Times:  Sat 2 – 5pm (7) FULL 6/28/16   OR Sun 8 – 11am (7)


Dye your “Buns”  (Beginner)  

Learn a fun, easy and economical way to dye roving and yarn at home with things often found in your own kitchen. Students will be dyeing yarn and roving samples to take home along with an instructional handout.  Students should dress in appropriate clothes, or bring an apron to protect them and a gallon zip lock bag to take home their damp samples in.

Instructor:  Liz Mitchko
Class size limit: 16
Fee: $25
Time: Sat 9 – 12pm (7)



Fly Tying (Beginner)  

Learn the art of fly tying with alpaca fiber for fishing for trout.   We will take you through all the steps to complete the flies ready for  fishing.

Instructors: MO Trout Fishermen of Kansas City
Class size limit: 8
Fee: $5
Time:  Sat 8-10am (4) , Sat 1 – 3pm (4)  or Sat 3 – 5pm (4)


Fiber Prep (you NEED to Skirt!)  (Beginner) 

A real life look at fiber and how to skirt fiber.  Skirting is the process of laying out your fiber and evaluating the fiber.  YOU will remove the parts that do not belong and make sure you have the most consistent fleece left for you to work with.  Bring your own special fleece and depending on attendance and time, we will help you skirt your fleece.  This is a true, hands on learning with your own fiber!

Instructor: Christian Davies
Class size limit: 20
Fee: $25
Time:  Sat 10 – 12pm (5) OR Sun 1 – 3pm (5)

F16 Fiber Skirt

Shuttle Tatting (Beginner)  

Tatting is a needle art  tracing it’s history back through many centuries.  It consists of tying knots in thread using a shuttle to create lace.  This class will introduce the student to the double stitch, the only stitch in tatting.  You will learn to use this stitch to create rings, and chains,  which are combined into edgings and ornaments.  The class will also cover thread and shuttle selection.  You will leave with your shuttle and practice thread and pattern and the knowledge to tat for yourself.

Instructor:  Jane Milette
Class size limit: 12
Fee: $30
Times: Sat 1 – 4pm (10) OR  Sun 8 – 11am (C )


“Woolology 101” (Beginner)

This class will teach the basic principles in choosing a good wool fleece and taking it through the beginning steps in hand processing wool.  Students will become familiar with: Classes of wool, the how to’s in skirting a fleeces, sorting a fleece and proper storage of fiber.  We will cover washing a fleece, including the difference between washing fine and long wools and how to avoid felting the wool  Students will take home a packet of informational handouts.

Instructor: Jama Kilgore
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $25
Time: Sat 1 – 5pm (1) OR Sun 8 – 12pm (1) FULL  5/16/16

 F16 Woolology

Rug Hooking (Beginner)  

A true colonial maritime craft, Rug Hooking is a uniquely American art form and allows for a diverse set of artistic expressions.  We will make a pair of coasters from a complete kit that includes everything required to get started in this ancient hand craft.

Instructor: Teresa Goatey
Class size limit: 8
Fee: $40
Times:  Sat 10 – 12pm (3) FULL 3/30/16


From Bland to Bling (Beginner)  

Learn how to make a bland fleece into a bling fleece (wool or alpaca) by adding colored bamboo to change the color, Angora rabbit wool to make it softer, and adding Sari Silk for more color and texture.  You are encouraged to bring a washed sample of your own fleece to try out what you have learned.  We will be using a drum carder, cards, combs and hackles to blend with.  All materials are provided.

Instructor:  Nancy Barnett
Class size limit: 12
Fee: $40
Time: Sat 1 – 5pm (2)

F16 Bland to Bling

Pasture to Profit (Beginner)  

This class shows you the steps necessary to move your annual harvest into value-added revenue with all options on making money from your fiber – retail, wholesale, raw fiber sales and cottage or commercial mill processing.

Instructor:  Brian Willsey
Class size limit: 20
Fee: $35
Time:  Sat 3 – 5pm (A)  OR Sun 1 – 3pm (A)

F16 Pasture Profit

Ravelry Magic, Unwound (Beginner) is a fantastic site for yarn enthusiasts.  Come learn how powerful a tool it can be!  We’ll talk about how to power-search for patterns, how to organize your projects, and how to find tips for whatever you’re making. Bring your Ravelry login and tablet/laptop (if you have one) to play along- or just come and learn.

Instructor:  Julie Lindsey
Class size limit: 15
Fee: $15
Time: Sun 10 – 12pm (A)


Sprang- A Fabric with no Weft (Beginner) 

In this class students will learn basic sprang techniques.  The instructor will demonstrate warping, S-twist, Z-twist and finishing using the sprang techniques (a unique type of braiding creating two rows at a time).  The instructorw ill also discuss Sprang history, fibers (yarns) suitable for making sprang and what type of projects do best on the sprang frame.  All supplies, looms and handouts will be provided.  Students will take home a small draw string bag.

Instructor: Tammy Taylor
Class size limit: 10
Fee: $35
Time: Sun 8 – 12pm (10)

F16 SprangF16 Sprang Bag

E-Commerce for Crafters (Beginner)  

There are lots of ways to approach E-commerce, many of them are expensive and complex.  TheDancingGoats back office is simple and cheap.  Anyone can implement something similar and take advantage of worldwide marketplace seeking hand made goods.  The class and handout will cover all of the steps involved to create your own brand that folks  will come back for.  Topics included:  Philosophical Approach, Outlets, Websites, Teaching and The ‘Artisans Pyramid’ a success model including, Making, Teaching & Vending Supplies.

Instructor:  Robin Goatey
Class size limit: 20
Fee: $30
Time:  Sat 1 – 3pm (A) OR Sun 8 – 10am (A)


Going Batts with Suri (Beginner)  

Have you heard you can’t card Suri?  Well I have heard that many times.  I will show you how it can be done and end up with gorgeous results.  We will make silky luscious batts that you can spin into yarn as fine as lace if you desire.  Everyone in class will take a luscious batt home to spin, and if time allows we can spin during class time.  We will be using washed Suri Alpaca in natural and dyed colors.  Also do a little painting in fibers such as silk, tencel, and bamboo at the drum carder.  We can also add in a few fine wools I will have available to blend if desired.  If you have a drum carder, feel free to bring it along to use during class.

Instructor:  Connie Blechle
Class size limit: 12
Fee: $40
Time: Sun 8 – 12pm (5)

F16 Sui Batt

Designing Apparel with Pin Loom (Adv. Beginner)  

Take the next step to designing your own apparel with pin looms.  Learn basic shapes and combining techniques, joining, measuring to fit and making your own designs.

Instructor:  Donna McFarland
Class size limit: 15
Fee: $22
Time: Sun 8 – 11am (4)

F16 apparel

Advanced Rug Hooking (Advanced)  

Students can design their own hooked rug/wall hanging using the bridal netting technique to transfer their own design to Monks Cloth.  Intended for students with some hooking experience.  The goal of the class is to have a read-to-hook pattern that the student can take home and hook with their own wool stash.  Students will receive cloth, burlap, bridal veil and a way to transfer their design.

Instructor:  Teresa Goatey
Class size limit: 6
Fee: $25
Time: Sun 1 – 3pm (3)

F16 Adv Rug

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